hello. welcome!

My name is Paula. I’m a graphic designer residing and creating in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I love creating designs and, as some people like to say, "making things look pretty." I’ve been doing graphic design even before I knew what it was! Luckily, it was during Senior year of High School that I discovered what graphic design actually was and decided it would be my livelihood. Thus far, I feel I've made a great decision.

Minus my previous years of unknowingly doing graphic design, I've had 6 years of experience in the industry. Within these 6 years, I've learned that "graphic designer" is a very broad term. It's not just about logos and layouts. Throughout the years, my list of experience and knowledge has grown and is still growing.  A few of the skills I've added are T-Shirt design and screen printing, large format design, and digital design. The possibilities are never-ending, which means it never gets boring! 

When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I'm either at the gym, in the kitchen baking/cooking, or out taking pictures of my food. I'm a pretty laid-back person who enjoys the simple things in life. I enjoy music, movies, being around family and friends, and playing with my Pomeranian, Taro. I also enjoy going on adventures with my husband, whether it's trying new food, traveling to new places, or exploring the great outdoors.